Ryan Daughton

Email : LTPresD2767@gmail.com
First Name : Ryan
Last Name : Daughton
Date of Birth : 12/01/1983
Rank : Assistant Chief
Date Joined : 8/2005
Hobbies : Coaching my son’s Baseball Team, Volunteering with Special Olympics of NJ and the American Lung Association, Police Unity Tour, Children’s Burn Camp in CT, Tour De Force, Working Out in the Gym and Anything Adventurous
Certification : Training Never Ends, The Day You Think You Know Everything; YOU KNOW NOTHING!
Position Held : Foreman, Lieutenant, Captain, Recording Secretary, Financial Secretary, Vice President, President
Family : Donna Daughton (Mom), Adam Daughton (Brother), Caiden Daughton (Son), Firehouse and Police Family
Favorite Quote : “Everyday is a new day, go out there and make today better than yesterday and do something for you.”