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Harrison Towers Fire

This morning at 2:05 AM, Fire District 3 was dispatched to 575 Easton Avenue for a report possible dishwasher fire in Aprtment 1G.
Car 27 arrived on location and reported a working fire and transmitted a second alarm. Ladder 25 arrived first, followed by Engine 253. The crews from E-253 and Ladder 25 pulled a 2 1/2 line and went to attack the fire. Crews from Ladder 25, NBFD E-5 and NBFD L-1 started primary searches on the fire floor. The fire was knocked down quickly, but heavy black smoke filled the entire building and many people needed assistance getting out. We tried to shelter in place but people on the upper floors started to panic and leave the building through the heavy smoke.

A special thank you to all companies on scene that worked to make sure we searched all of the apartments on the first, second and above floors.
Other units on scene were C272 E27, SQ27, U27, C25, C252, E251, C56, C562, R56 C28, A28, C232, C310, NBVFD E-3, BBFD E233, E301, RWJH & NBEMS.
The fire is under investigation by the FM8 units. Thanks to the Mutual Aid cover companies for standing by in our Stations. Great job by everyone on scene.

📸 North Brunswick First Aid & Rescue Squad, Inc.