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EFFD’s Top Ten Responders for June 2020

During the Month of June 2020, the East Franklin Fire Department responded to 40 Calls for Service, both within the Fire District and to surrounding communities. The following are a list of the top ten responders for June 2020:

10. Ex-Chief Alan W. Latanzio: 16
9. Foreman Benjamin Ferretti: 18
8. Foreman Ray Quabeck: 19
7. Asst. Safety Officer Gary Howarth: 22
6. Acct. Officer Chris Fischer: 23
5. Prob. FF Ronald Rodriguez: 26
4. Captain Craig Miller: 26
3. Asst. Chief Ryan Daughton: 30
2. FF Bernie Marquez: 33
1. Chief Dan Krushinski: 37

Thank you to all the members who were able to respond to the Calls for Service in June. Thank you to the members family and loved ones, for allowing them to provide their time to the community.